My style icons #1

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka is best known forplaying  Sally Draper on the Mad Men series. She golfs, she cooks and she sings. Her inspiration is none other than Grace Kelly. This 12 year old girl has more style than any adult I’ve ever seen. Whenever she steps out for a red carpet her outfits are gorgeous and are appropriate for her age; something that is very rare for a girl her age in  Hollywood and all over the world. I am in complete awe of her and how adorable she is.

At the Young Hollywood Awards 2012 wearing Miu Miu

At the Ralph Lauren Girls Collection wearing Ralp Lauren

At the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party wearing an Opening Ceremony dress

At the première of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’  She is absolutely perfect here

If these pictures haven’t convinced you then maybe this video of a peek into her wardrobe might. She is so eloquent, right now I would die to be her. So I guess you can say that this is a friendly reminder that Kiernan Shipka is 12 years old and dresses better than you.


My love-hate relationship with platform shoes

I’m just going to come up and say it. I don’t (particularly) like platform shoes. They are not elegant shoes that make you think: I’d wear that on the red carpet. In fact do you ever see celebrities wearing platform shoes on the red carpet? No!

The platform shoe that made me hate all of the others is none other than the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Litas’. The heel is chunky, the platform is chunky and every blogger and their mum owns them. Their not particularly elegant and when you wear them you look like a giant. In fact I don’t even know how people can lift their feet with such big shoes attached to them.

We all know that fashion is not about comfort but for those who wear platforms their lives are that little bit easier. They’re not actually walking on 12 or 13cm. Be a lady all the way and own up to wearing elegant heels.

Even 69 year old shoe guru, Manolo Blahnik says “I’m suspicious of platforms, they’re the wrong shape for the leg.” So if the king of shoe-making says so himself who are we to disagree?


Shoes #1

We all know Carrie loves shoes and it happens that I do too. So every once in a while I’ll be posting pictures of drop dead gorgeous shoes. To share my love for them.

It is a fact well known that Carrie Bradshaw loves her Manolo Blahnik’s and who can blame her? I for one love beyond life itself Sergio Rossi. I always find his shoes to be so feminine and elegant. I tend not to like platform shoes (more on that in another post) and really like any designer that do not or at least very rarely do them. Therefore I give you Sergio Rossi – Oniria

Leather sole, contrasting trim, ankle strap this is music to my ears. Aren’t they just perfect? If you are interested in getting your hands on these beauties you can find them here

Dating tips: what not to do (guys)

Writers note: This post is way overdue and I apologise lots of things have been happening all at once (getting back from holiday, finding a new house, uni) so I haven’t had time to sit down and write. Everything should be back on schedule from now on. Thanks for sticking around xo

A few weeks ago, I went on a (blind) date from hell. The guy was so self-centered I was shocked, I don’t even understand how my friend thought we would get along. So here are a few tips for all the guys out there,who want to look good and impress a girl not make them want to bitch about you to their friends.

1. Punctual 

As I said in my post on first dates, be on time. There’s nothing worse than waiting for your date to show up. If you are going to be late, call or text to let her know. And once you get there, APOLOGISE don’t just laugh it off; that is the worse thing you could do.

2. Conversation

If you’re meeting a girl for the first time, do not talk religion or politics these are two very sensitive and personal topics. You don’t want to go upsetting someone the first time you meet them. Keep it for when you have gotten to know her better. Also if you’re the kind of guy that thinks women should be in the kitchen and what not. Keep it to yourself. Do not go all Alpha male on her she will cross you off before you’ve even had time to say: ‘Where’s my sandwich’.

3. Food

Never, ever order for her, especially if it’s to order a salad. Not all girls want to eat a salad. In fact most girls would rather have a juicy steak. However if it’s a place you’ve already been too, a suggestion is more than welcome and appreciated.

4. Be confident, not cocky

There is a big difference. You do not need to show off, that is the biggest show-off when a guy flaunts their money/possesions/etc. Be humble.

Dear Carrie, my girlfriend broke up with me because she ‘didn’t love me as much as I did’. I don’t understand why she left? It’s ok not to love someone the same way and still make it work. Surely she is wrong to have left. Sincerely, Why me.

Dear Why me,

In my opinion what your girlfriend did was right. She has every right to leave you if she doesn’t feel that she loves you as much as you do. You don’t expect her to stay with you just to make you happy? That would be incredibly selfish.

If your girlfriend stayed with you because like you she thought that it was OK to not love you as much as you did, after a few weeks, months or even years she would become unhappy and eventually come to hate you. And you will end up being unhappy too because she’s not happy. In a relationship you can’t expect anything less than perfect. If you don’t feel that special ‘something’ and are not 100% happy then you should leave. People shouldn’t stay in a relationship just because it’s good and you’re scared of not finding something better.  It should be great, AMAZING even.

You too shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t love you the same when you do. Don’t ever settle for anything less than perfect. You deserve the best you can get. And at the end of the day you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with her. So she better love you as much as you do.




Fashion faux pas: Bodycon skirts

When it comes to fashion, one of the things I hate the most is seeing women wearing bodycon skirts. I firmly believe that people who wear these kinds of skirts are taking the easy way out. It is in no way, shape or form a piece of clothing that can be deemed fashionable.

In my opinion I find them vulgar; yes I said it. I see tons of girls and young women wearing them at a bum skimming length. If I wanted to see your ‘derrières’ while on the tube or during my lunch break I’d ask.  I have to admit that I do own ONE bodycon skirt. I bought it a long time ago (I know that is not a valid excuse). I wore it a few times before deciding that really it was not for me and definitely not worth the hype.

I do not understand women who wear them, and if you do please help me to understand. Where is the fun in wearing something so tight and short? And even more important, where is the class? You have to let some things to the imagination ladies.

What is strange is that I don’t mind bodycon dresses. I even think that for clubbing they are the best things to wear. But the skirts just make me cringe. Maybe because of the way people wear it. In any case, bodycon skirts are a no-no in my books. What about you?

Dear Carrie, I’m going on my first ever ‘grown-up’ date and I’m extremely nervous. Do you have any tips on what to do or not? Sincerely, First date jitters.

Dear First date jitters,

Everything is going to be fine. First dates can be very nerve wrecking but if you relax a little bit and don’t over-think things it can go very smoothly. So here are a few tips and little things I like to do on my first dates.

1. Venue
If you are doing the choosing make sure it’s somewhere you have been before you don’t want to have a horrible experience with the food or services when you get there, it will just bring extra stress. Also do not go anywhere too noisy because you won’t be able to talk or the cinema; you want to get to know your date.

2. Make an effort
But don’t go over the top. Leave the smokey eye at home instead go for something subtle and elegant. When it comes to the outfit you want to leave something for his imagination so nothing too short or breast-worthy.

3. Punctual
Do not be late even fashionably. It’s the first time you meet you want to make sure you’re on time. People are very anxious on first dates and making him wait is pretty rude.  If you are running late make sure you call or text.

4. Drinking
In moderation ! Alcohol can bring out horrible sides in people. You want the other person to learn about you when you’re sober. A drink or two to get the edge off is fine.

5. Be yourself
This is the most important part. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you want to start a relationship with this person you want it to be built on honesty. If you stick to the truth it will be a lot easier to remember on the next dates. You want him to like you for who you are with the good and bad bits.

There are lots of other little things like remember your manners, be kind and confident.  Good luck !

Dear Carrie, I have been sleeping with my best (guy) friend for almost a year now in a casual manner but now I’m starting to fall for him. The thing is he has a girlfriend. What should I do? Sincerely, Friends-with-benefits

Dear Friends-with-benefits,

You seem to have put yourself in quite a tricky situation! Having casual sex is never a ‘no strings attached’ situation especially for us girls. Just like love and hate there is a very fine line being sex and feelings; one does not come without the other. It is almost impossible for girls to have sex and not have feelings somewhere along the line.

It seems that either way you look at it, you cannot win. I would advise you to think about what you want and really think. Know that whatever the decision is someone might get hurt, you included. So please take every party into consideration. If you were in the position of the girlfriend would you want this to happen to you?

Remember that there are so many other guys out there that are better and truly deserve you. And I am sure it won’t be long before you find him.