Dear Carrie, I’ve been going out with this guy for a few months and I like him. Problem is he is a Sagittarius and I am a Virgo, an incompatible match. Should I still stay with him even though we are ‘doomed’? Sincerely, Horrorscope

Dear Horroscope,

Love is not about zodiac signs and if you are compatible or not. Love is about butterflies in your stomach and an endless smile on your face. It seems that nowadays we tend to find more and more reason to not be with someone rather than to be with them. It really should be the opposite. If we start breaking up with people because our astrological signs are not compatible we will never find anyone to be with. If he makes you happy why would you want to end a perfectly good relationship?

They are many people who have perfect zodiac matches and their marriages/relationships still end badly. Take Whitney Houstou and Bobby Brown. Leo and Aquarius, they are known to be the truest companions. They believe in the same ideals and complement each other. Yet Houston and Brown’s relationship was a well-known disaster,you can’t find much worse. The same goes for Bill and Hillary Clinton, their match is an unlikely one and even though their marriage is not perfect they managed to make it work.

Relationships are not easy and if you keep on trying to find excuses for it to turn out badly it will. Nobody said it would be easy you will have to work for it. But if you really love him you will find a way to make it work. Zodiac compatibility or not.